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1. Don’t really have alot of nicknames, hahaha~ 

  • TD 7416
  • Wai Chun
  • Sandtrooper

2. Brown as a cow, but not round as a clown~ =P

3. Black. That’s about it

4. I like to make stuff, but don’t have much time for now…. =(

5. Blue~ =D

6. My room, with my laptop and my stuff!

7. Maybe Robert Downey, Jr~ =X

8. Cat

9. For now, Bre@th//ess by Hiroyuki Sawano

10. Republic Commando: Hard Contact

I tag unicornsnmarshmellows, xueli2164, shimanagashi, mangalover93, vanishing-age, nekonekokei, hoshihoshiyoru-akemi, otaku-obsessions. That’s about it because not many people I know~ hahahha XD

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